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Rework of Messages in Main Menu with new Release 13.20

Release Highlights 13.20

In version 13.20, significant enhancements have been implemented in the “Messages” module:

There are now three Categories of Messages: System Alerts, News and Tasks. By setting up Messages of type “Task”, it is possible to notify Users about specific Tasks which have to be completed by them (like, for example, Invoices which have to be approved). Messages of Type “System Alert” and “News” can be used to distribute general information of any kind to Users, whereby it is also possible to use up to ten Pictures in Messages of Type “News”. It is recommended to user “System Alert” for Messages with high priority and the Type “News” for Messages with medium and lower priority.

Example for System Alert:
Example for News :

In the Main Menu, Users are informed about the number of new (unread) Messages:


Clicking on this icon opens a sidebar in which the Messages are shown. Clicking on a Message opens it in a popup.

Messages of Type „Task“ include a „Go To“ link which directly opens the appropriate Module for the respective Task. (For example, if a User clicks on “Go To” in a “Close Financial Period” Task, the “Close Financial Period” module is opened.)

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