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Reworked Search Dialog on mobile devices

Life’s a journey, not a destination
But sometimes you just need the right result…

Inventory Counts on mobile devices

Mobile devices have made inventory counts much easier: finally, no more paper lists that first have to be printed, then filled out, and in the end typed back into the system. Barcode scanners make this work easier, but they are pricey and not the right solution for everyone. Therefore, many businesses use regular mobile devices for this purpose. Our new feature makes inventory processes on mobile devices so much easier.

Key benefits at a glance:

saves time through faster and more accurate search results
increases flexibility and user-friendliness
optimizes existing workflows

Feature24What we did:

We expanded our Mobile Solution application to include functions especially helpful for mobile devices without Barcode scanner. We paid particular attention to redesigning the sorting and search functions so that a wide variety of items can be selected and entered in as few steps as possible.

Whether searching for items only within a storage location, an item group, or even across the entire stock – we’ve got you covered.

Search for articles anytime and anywhere

You are now free to choose at any time whether an item is to be searched only in a specific storage location and/or in a specific item group, or in the entire stock. This does not even require opening a separate search page, it works directly from within an open inventory. And even the filters matching the inventory are already preselected.

How it works:

Click the search icon, edit the filters as desired, and all corresponding items will be listed for selection. Now all you have to do is to click the right one. That’s it – only scanning is faster. And of course, the storage locations and the item
groups are displayed for the results if necessary.


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