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Sending e-Invoices for Sales Orders

Save working time and get paid faster

Why your Customers need this?

Customers are increasingly demanding e-invoicing, and this is understandable: they can simply import an e-Invoice into their ERP system without having to edit it manually. This saves a lot of processing costs compared to a paper invoice. At the same time it reduces the risk of mistakes and typos as it requires virtually no manual input.

Why you should not miss out on this feature?Feature7

e-Invoicing will not only make things easier for your customers, but for you as well. By
using e-Invoices instead of e-mailing PDFs or sending paper invoices you will save
time and money. And since it requires less effort and time to pay an electronic invoice,
you’ll likely receive incoming payments from these invoices even sooner. Finally, even
cash discount conditions can be transmitted in the electronic invoice.

e-Invoicing make things easier not only for your customers, but also for you. From our
point of view that’s a classic win-win situation.

Key benefits at a glance:

Save time and money by digitization of invoicing
Get paid faster by including payment targets and cash discounts
Reduce possibilities to make mistakes through automated processes

How it works?

In the Sales Order Processing module e-invoices can automatically be created during invoice export. They are then sent via e-mail and/or uploaded to an FTP server without the User having to take any further steps. And of course, different settings can be defined for each customer. From the format to the type of transmission even the file name, each customer can be treated individually.

The function is designed to support a wide variety of standards, with the “ebInterface 6.0” standard already fully implemented at the time of release.

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