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Simplified Production Planning with Predictive Values in Patient Service

Using Data from Existing Recipe Productions

In most commercial kitchens head chefs will regularly create Menu Plans well in advance to ensure efficient operation planning. Predicting the required quantities of meals and ingredients is always a challenging task, especially when it comes to ordering the required materials.

The actual plan quantities will normally only be available a few days before production. This means that the better part of early planning is experience- based. However, especially Central Production Units need to start meal production well in advance. Therefore, the corresponding ingredients have to be ordered with the vendors weeks in advance as well.

With our “Calculated Predictive Plan Values” for Recipes we provide a great tool for easier Production Planning. It uses already existing historic data for improved and reliable Menu Planning


The greatest advantages of this feature:

– Simple to use, no additional work required
– Uses existing historical data (quantities/products)
– Maximizing profit through less misordering
– Reduces overproduction

In Production Planning you will be able to generate Predictive Plan Values manually at the click of a button. An even more effective way will be to use the automated version of Predictive Value generation, where you set up a job once and it will run based on the settings that have been configured.

Discover how easy planning can be when using already existing data. With even more precise ordering, you can minimize capital commitment in storage and increase profits. Using statistic sales data of Recipes also allows your business to cut down on overproduction.