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Smart Storage Room Usage through optimized Price Quote Calculation

News from Version 15.00

The usage of storage room is one of the most common challenges in daily business. No matter how many store rooms, no matter how spacious they may be, they’re just always too small. The biggest loss of storage space is often due to the fact that overly large quantities or bulk packages are stored. However, why buy 100 kilos of flour when only 30 are needed? A speedy and optimized inventory turnover ratio also has the advantage that it involves lower capital commitment.

With our new Calculation Method, the Price Quotes for the goods you order will be suggested based on the lowest total price for the requested quantity.

This feature’s main options include settings for:

– Default Price Quote
– Best Catalog Price
– Best Net/Net Price

This needs to be set just once and Price Quotes will be suggested according to the selected Main Option. There is still great flexibility for Price Quote selection, as it will be possible to change the Price Quotes manually in the Requirement Document.

Overview Requirement Price Quote Selection

Cost Centers will be able to decide, if they wish to use the “Best Price per Base Unit” or “Best Price per Required QTY” options for the requirement optimization, depending on their physical storage room capacities.

By using the requirement optimization, storage space usage will be greatly improved. Additionally, a higher inventory turnover ratio will help you with:

– a well-arranged storage
– quick inventory creation
– a better Best-Before-Date management

and the freed up capital can be used for other Investments.