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Temperature Measuring is Now Possible Via Bluetooth Device

An ingenious new functionality for Mobile Solution


What is it good for?

When accepting the delivery of goods, the temperature of certain items needs to be taken due to mandatory HACCP checks. To facilitate this process, support of Bluetooth temperature devices has been implemented for Mobile Solution.

Ready to Optimize Your Process?

The new functionality helps to simplify the process of temperature checking by sending the results directly from the Bluetooth device to the Mobile Solution HACCP Overview. The results will be displayed in Mobile Solution, and as with manual entries they can also exported to the Web Client.

The best advantages of this feature:

Easy to Use
Automatic transmission of measurement results
Eliminates the manual recording and copying errors

Let’s do it!

Find out how much easier and more efficient HACCP controls can be with our new Feature. Not only can your employees save valuable time when receiving goods, but also human errors in manual data recording are no longer an issue when temperature check results are directly transmitted to Mobile Solution in a matter of seconds.

This feature increases the integrity of your records without any additional effort. Discover how simple, fast and precise the handling of temperature data can be with our new Bluetooth temperature device support for Mobile Solution.