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Tired of manual, laborious cost tracking of floor stock?

Manual management of your daily service unit floor stock is a huge time stealer. Not only do your employees have to restock the areas, but at end of month cost tracking must be done to ensure all revenue has been captured for finance to reconcile.

In the case of Critical Access Hospitals, successfully managing the floor stock is not possible and leads to lost revenue and/or less time with the patients!

Enter: Stella

Stella’s Critical Access Hospital Food Service Solution (CAHFSS) has been specifically designed for Critical Access Hospitals like yours!

End-to-end Floor Stock management
simple tracking and invoicing
cross charging at a glance
No administrative work

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Stella’s CAHFSS Packages are easy to set-up and do not need any software installation.

Stella provides the complete administration and management of the Floor Stock Solution. Freeing up your team’s time to concentrate on the patient’s well-being.

Tracking and invoicing of floor stock goods are available at the touch of a button. This leaves your employees more time to look after the patient’s needs instead of searching for lost goods.

Single page report can be passed to finance for cross-charging.

Minimize waste by only sending requested goods ensuring theywill be used before their expiration date.


Your hospital is not too small to profit from the Food Service Solution provided by Stella! We believe, it is all about the patient experience and it does not matter if you are feeding 1 or 1000!

Increase efficiency
Increase Press-Ganey scores

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Just like any full acute hospital, you can reap the benefits:

Increase efficiency and reduce FTE cost by not being tied to PC and printer. Rather your staff is mobile, working in real time.

Reducing food-waste achieved by restocking only what is required.

As the Stella CAH team provides and manages all menu, recipe, diet & allergen and nutritional coding which ensure compliance, patient risk is a mitigated.

Increases in patient satisfaction scores through improved meal choice options, seasonal menus, and empowering patients to place their meal orders on their own devices.


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