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Trinity Health Go-Live Success in the Mid-Atlantic Area!

News from Delegate North America

Delegate North America are very happy to announce the twelth & thirteenth successful go-live with Trinity Health. These two facilities are part of the Trinity Health of Mid-Atlantic region. They went live with the Delegate Patients Service web application on Wednesday August 26th 2020 (St Francis Healthcare) in Wilmington, Delaware & Wednesday September 2nd 2020 (St Mary Health Main Campus) in Langhorne, PA.

The team at St Francis Healthcare have a bedside program for patient meal service that will deliver between 90 – 120 trays at each meal period. The foodservice staff are equipped with a wireless tablet device for entering patient meal orders at the bedside.. This new process enhanced overall therapeutic diet compliance because of the live access to nutrient levels for the menu items and any specific requirements that patient may have had like allergies, dislikes or intolerances. The staff loved being able to speak the menu to the patients and guide better menu choices with live access to a system that assists them and then have a tally report for the culinary staff!

The St Mary Health team had previous software in place with a room service program and had been training on web sessions to prepare for the Go Live. The Trinity regional team as well as Delegate team supported the staff on site through the conversion and took time to ensure patients received the proper meal order in a timely manner. As well as made sure the food service department staff had all aspects of the software working as expected…from the hardware to the software!

Both transitions involved team work and collaboration to achieve the best results. Trinity Health and Delegate Group continue to support the local food service departments with day to day operations so their patients can receive the best food and service for improved healing and optimal outcomes.

About Trinity Health

Trinity Health is one of the largest multi-institutional Catholic health care delivery systems in the nation, serving diverse communities that include more than 30 million people across 22 states.

Based in Livonia MI, Trinity Health are in the process of rolling out the Delegate Patients Service Enterprise software, hosted in the Delegate Cloud, across 47 of its 93 facilities. All of the facilities are grouped in regions.

The goal of the roll out to the Delegate Patients Service Cloud platform is to be able to Standardize and have a better control on the estate, with regards to cost controlling and savings while eliminating any technical footprint at each location.