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Vendor Rating and B2B Objective Record for Mobile Solution

News from Release 15.00

To simplify the process of receiving, a Vendor Rating and a B2B Objection Record has now been implemented for Mobile Solution. In the past it was not possible to track deliveries with faults or imperfections of Items. To notify the vendor in writing about the deficiency the receiving procedure had be finished on the Mobile Application and an Objection Record with an explanatory statement had to be created in WebClient.

With this new feature it is now possible during the Receiving process to create an explanatory statement and select a picture or take a picture as well in the Mobile Solution App.

As soon as the Receiving process is finished, the Delivery Note with the created Objective Record will be exported in Web Client. If necessary the Delivery Note can now be adjusted again.

For a Web Client User it will be now possible to retrace the Issue and take further steps. From the Mobile Solution App the Objective Record can be exported directly or further along the line to the Vendor.