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Workflow Management -Optimization for current Workflows

What Does Workflow Management Mean?

Is it possible to redesign longstanding processes for good? On first impulse, the answer might be “No”. However, nearly every business can benefit from process optimization. Workflow Management means improving your current Workflow. There are different ways to achieve such improvements. You might find ways to get work done more efficiently or add new functions to your current workflow.

Integration of Standard and Custom Workflows

Even a well-designed and tested process may cause problems at times when steps can be skipped. Therefore, making certain process steps mandatory for users can be helpful. The new Workflow Management module will incorporate the Recipe States that your enterprise used until this point, and can be defined as mandatory. That way, you benefit from the advantages of improved Recipe management and efficient administration of user rights concerning the process.

You can either use default States for Recipes or our new function for creating customized States. Restrictions on Recipe editing and Reason Codes for changing a State will make the process more transparent and streamlined. The new Workflow Management also helps to avoid mistakes and unclarities which would have slowed down the process significantly.

Ready to Optimize Your Processes?

Standardizing tasks and making certain process steps mandatory is a great way to start. Our new Workflow Management will help you to do just that. No need to create individual processes for every single option. You can now automate and simplify Recipe processes by defining unique values for the Automatic Status Change functionality in one clear and simple overview. Our new process optimization workflow make the entire Recipe development process much simpler and faster.

Looking for a straightforward and effective way to improve your processes? Check out our new “Workflow Management” Module.