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Delegate Benelux – Strategy Meeting 2018

Strategy Meeting

The whole last week had been dedicated to our franchise partner “Delegate Benelux” with further planning for 2018. We reviewed and analysed the past year and made new plans for this year.
We are living this partnership under the brand name “Delegate Benelux” since a couple of years already and the business has grown over the years. Our partner did not only take over some existing customers from the Benelux region, he also managed to get new customers on-boarded. The current team has been successfully expanded to make sure to deliver the best services possible.

The main topic was to review the year of 2017 and the strategic planning for the future as well as optimizations on both sides for an even more efficient collaboration. We also discussed new customer projects and the existing Delegate road-map for further feature development as well as specific requirements for customers in Benelux as well as general requirements for the Benelux region.

From left to right: Mirjam van der Koogh (Delegate Benelux), Christian Schmidt (Delegate Group), Kerstin Dix (Delegate Group), Michaela Grossbichler (Delegate Group), Martin Knopp (Delegate Group), Jan van Hoof (Delegate Benelux) & Markus Gruber (Delegate Group)

We are looking forward to a new successful and challenging year of 2018!

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