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Revolutionize Foodservice With Our Innovative Platform For

Your complete solution for

serving healthy and sustainable food.

Delegate Patients Service is the complete Foodservice solution for all healthcare catering projects.

From contract negotiations with suppliers and intelligent, demand-driven purchasing to warehouse management and stock tracking. From production management to menu planning, menu ordering, logging of food intake and restaurant and sales management.

With Delegate Patients Service you can automatically

• cover the complete end-to-end food service process.

• ensure that you comply with the applicable nutritional guidelines.

• cater for all dietary requirements and intolerances.

• provide meals in different service variants to meet your business processes and the needs of your patients.

• improve the involvement of your patients in nutrition

and many more.

All while drastically reducing food waste, cutting CO2 emissions and saving costs by improving and streamlining your processes.

In addition, proper nutrition speeds up the recovery process, reduces the readmission rate of patients and prevents deficiencies and diseases.

The menu ordering system

as the heart of patient catering

A sophisticated and flexible menu or meal ordering system is an important part of any hospital Foodservice solution. Delegate Patients Service offers you a menu ordering system that is fully integrated with merchandise management, recipe management, menu planning and production. Our software supports both the individual kitchen in the hospital and large central kitchens or a combination of local and central production. Our solution is also suitable for large hospital networks: Thanks to a central database, Delegate Patients Service allows you to maintain an overview at all times, while at the same time considering the local characteristics of the individual sites.

Patients can order their meals independently via bedside terminals and mobile devices (laptops, tablets, cell phones for both Android and iOS, online or offline). Each patient is only shown meal options that meet their dietary requirements, and their dislikes and preferences are also considered in the menu suggestions. The selection options are also pre-filtered accordingly when ordered by hospital staff, e.g. if a patient is unable to order themselves.

Sustainability is one of the biggest issues of our time, especially for healthcare catering

A shortage of skilled workers, rising energy and food prices, the climate crisis and tight budgets make sustainable management in hospital kitchens essential.

Delegate supports you in overcoming this challenge. With our Foodservice software, which is specially tailored to the needs of hospitals, you can calculate order quantities precisely and avoid overproduction and food waste by calculating your requirements accurately - this automatically reduces the use of goods and disposal costs and thus protects your budget.

You can also do something good for the environment with our sustainability features: regional suppliers and seasonal food can be automatically prioritized during the ordering process. This reduces your clinic's CO2 footprint in no time at all. Our CO2 integration calculates the exact amount for you. You can label this data, as well as nutritional values, allergens and additives, for your residents per recipe or per menu: patients and their relatives want to make informed decisions these days.

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Improve patient engagement in your hospital with our software. 

Give your patients back their autonomy and be rewarded with more participation, better compliance and higher satisfaction.

Improve patient engagement in your hospital with our software. Give your patients back their autonomy and be rewarded with more participation, better compliance and higher satisfaction.

With mobile food ordering, patients can use their own mobile device to order exactly the food they want and at the time they really want to eat it, within dietary restrictions of course. Photos and nutritional information are provided to help patients make informed, health-conscious food choices.

The mobile ordering function can also be shared with family members or visitors who are involved in the patient's care. After all, nothing makes patients happier than enjoying a meal together with their loved ones.

With QR code meal communication, a QR code is assigned to each tray card or room service ticket. Patients can scan the code with their cell phone or tablet to see exactly what is included in their meal. This function not only makes patients more aware of their diet, but also leads to additional functions such as self-intake tracking.

Self-intake tracking, which patients can perform on their own mobile device after each meal, effectively prevents malnutrition by giving patients valuable insight into their daily nutrient intake. In addition, your staff is relieved as the data does not have to be entered manually into the EMR system - it is transferred automatically.

The survey tool, also on the mobile device, helps your clinic to collect patient feedback in real time. This allows you to convert negative feedback directly into corrective measures. Prevent negative online reviews and don't wait until patients have been discharged!

Menübestellungen und Vorbestellsysteme

Hospital or hotel?

In Australia and the USA, room service has long been the norm in hospitals.

Room service instead of tray service at the distribution belt means that patients can order what they want - when they want it. This has many advantages for your hospital.

Room Service offers your patients more options, flexibility and autonomy - and therefore more enjoyment of life during their stay in hospital. But hospitals benefit too: Our customers report an increase in patient satisfaction, more positive online reviews and a reduction in malnutrition risk, which in turn shortens recovery times, reduces bed occupancy and readmission rates.

The ordering process is extremely simple: patients order via their own mobile devices, bedside terminals or the central call center. The clinical staff no longer have to "collect" the orders on foot. Of course, patients can only order meals that comply with their dietary requirements; non-compliant components are not displayed. Our customers report that this has also increased patient safety.

It also reduces the workload of kitchen staff: As soon as a patient places their mobile order, the corresponding receipt is automatically printed in the kitchen or shown on the digital kitchen display. Delivery is completely digitally traceable, from production to leaving the kitchen to reaching the patient. In addition, our software ensures that every patient receives the right meal - even if they are transferred at short notice.

The room service concept also reduces tray waste and therefore the CO2 footprint of your clinic. This is not only good for the environment, but also for your budget.

Procurement, warehouse, invoices:

The basis for everything else

Of course, you also need to purchase your ingredients, manage your warehouse and pay your suppliers. It goes without saying that we cover all these processes of classic merchandise management in detail and with all the special features and complexities that the healthcare sector entails. We have more than 30 years of experience!

From the electronic supplier catalog, the management of nutritional values, allergens and additives to health indicators and CO2 footprint. Electronic orders, delivery bills, invoices. Digital inventories, goods receipts, transfers with handhelds. All fully integrated in our food service software. No interfaces to third-party systems are required.


Reporting and controlling:

The important necessary evil

What would a Foodservice software be that covers your entire process from supplier to patient without being able to map your necessary reporting and controlling? Of course, you can use our extensive range of reports, which not only provide you with comprehensive documentation of resident catering: The fully integrated merchandise management system not only provides you with reports that you can use to negotiate better in supplier meetings, but also covers all other internal reporting requirements.

This is supplemented by reports with which you can also create evaluations with regard to sustainability.

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