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You deliver hundreds, thousands or ten thousands meals a day to your employees or guests at your business canteen? Then you found the right solution to support all your Foodservice processes. Delegate Foodservice organizes your production, tracks your inventory and manages your supply chain with electronic catalogs, orders, receipts and invoices. But that is not sufficient for an efficient solution. So Delegate Foodservice fully integrates in your solutions architecture – both front of house as well as in the back office, integrating with POS systems, Digital Signage solutions, accounting systems and much more.

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Optimized Purchasing,
Digital Inventory and Recipes

The core of Delegate's Foodservice software solution provides all functionality that you need for Purchasing, Inventory Management as well as Recipe Management. It covers the full range of possible processes - from paper-based, using mobile devices for digitalization of various process steps up to ideally a full electronic integration with your suppliers. The ordering process is fully flexible - being it manual, stock based or on demand ordering based on production forecast. Cost calculation, nutrient calculation as well as allergens and additives not only globally but individually for each location is an important factor for your customer satisfaction and commercial success.

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Menu Planning,
Production and Central Production

On top of the full featured ERP core Delegate's Foodservice software solution provides you with all features that you need for Menu Planning, Production and Central Production. Menu Planning is the foundation that integrates with the POS system and Digital Signage solution and defines your Meal Offering and is used for ordering based on production forecast. Our post calculation reports help you to optimize your margin as well as reduce food waste. More and more often the whole production or parts of it are centralized.

Our Central Production module supports the full range of possible scenarios from delivering a few pre-produced items to some satellite kitchens up to near industrial style production using cook-chill and cook-freeze concepts including production batch tracking if needed. Also production kitchens with multiple production runs per day are fully supported.

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Reporting and More

No software solution is standalone today anymore. Integration in your IT architecture is a key success factor. Delegtate Foodservice software solutions come with a wide variety of interfaces. Starting with LDAP or SAML for user authentication. Connecting your POS systems as well as Digital Signage solutions in the front of house. Connecting your suppliers via EDI from catalog to orders and up to receipts and invoices.

Last but not least sending financial data to your back office systems – invoices, accruals, consumption, inventory values. A huge set of reports completes the solution. Our Foodservice software solution was designed for and is being used by enterprises ranging from a single location up to many hundreds or even thousands of locations.

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