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Delegate Brunch – great achievements require a lot of energy

According to this motto, we invite all employees to our corporate brunch every month. This is already the second year in which we have breakfast together on a regular basis. It provides a much required energy boost that helps us tackle our upcoming challenges.

We had this idea when trying to solve a simple question – how do you manage to keep all 30 employees at the Vienna site up-to-date about current corporate matters? Obviously, we could just have sent an e-mail to everyone, but let’s face it: We all get lots of e-mails as it is and in all honesty, taking a small break and enjoying breakfast while listening to the latest company news is much more agreeable.


Our corporate brunch proved to be a great opportunity to inform all employees about important current topics as well as to address questions. It is also a great opportunity to strengthen our “corporate spirit”. Some colleagues also like to make a contribution with breakfast specials (we have an “Oktoberfest” themed breakfast coming up) or help with preparations and clear away the dishes.

It goes to show that we not only provide first-class software for large scale catering, but also focus on the very core operations of our customers ;-). The shared breakfast not only serves for keeping our employees up-to-date, but also promotes communication between the individual teams.


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