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Implementation of Nutri-Score in item, recipe and menuplan


NUTRI-SCORE is a colored 5 step code for Recipes and Items to evaluate the included Nutrients per 100g and gives your customer an accurate health score of your products. The advantage of this feature is an easy comprehensibility and a simple way to compare your Products and Recipes. This supporting tool is a foresighted possibility to provide customers a balanced diet through an optional use and transparent identification.

The NUTRI-SCORE will show advantages in:

– comparing Recipes to provide a balanced Menu Plan
– uncomplicated recognizable symbols for customers
– no operative expense calculating Recipes
– exporting to Menu Plan Print XML

Nutri-Score is used on Item Level:

Recipe Level:

Menu Plan Level:

The Usage of the Nutri-Score Module requires a license from Santé publique France. More information can be found here.

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