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NEW – Official Release of Authorization


If working processes become more and more complex in a company or institution, then the probability rises that in one form or the other Authorization Processes are necessary in order to structure and organize what permissions and rights employees have. Authorization Processes enable a company to monitor actions and control User limitations. These mechanisms can take effect for example if Purchase Orders and Receipts or Transfers are booked.

These processes can also be represented in Delegate myMMS & Patients Service. The application hereby provides a technical solution to the simple question what an employee is allowed to do and what he is not allowed to do? Who does have the right to authorize or book documents? Whose permission is required for Purchase Orders/Receipts to be booked? What can an employee decide for himself or his Role and for what processes the permission from a superior is needed?

With version 12.20 the whole Authorization is now officially released. For more detailed information, please see User Manual “Delegate myMMS & Patients Service – How to use Authorization”.


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