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Our new server hardware arrived today!

Hooray! Our new hardware / server infrastructure arrived today.

As customer requirements are growing steadily, we need to upgrade our internal server structure with even more efficient hardware. Together with Peaknet we are currently converting our entire server landscape in order to be able to provide sufficient performance and memory space for the increasing demands of our customers.

The infrastructure currently includes an average of 284 loaded databases with a total capacity of 6,1 TB, which are primarily used for testing, specifications (such as writing FRs), demos & development. This total of 6,1 TB of databases divides into 4 TB for Oracle databases and 2,1 TB for MSSQL databases.

The steady growth of databases as well as the support of Oracle, MSSQL, various Microsoft operating systems and Delegate Versions results in a large variety of virtual machine (ca. 52).

Florian, our IT & Infrastructure Manager, already received the new hardware and set to work immediately. Tonight, the new hardware will go live.

Delegate Hardware 1Delegate Hardware 2
The hardware conversion will – of course – be done after regular working hours so that our employees in all countries will not be affected in their work and we will be able to provide our customers with the usual high level of service quality.


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