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Redesign of Delegate Licence Structure and Module Overview

After having reworked our product documentation and the overview of our software’s functions, we are now about to take the next big step. We have been working on designing a new, clearer licence structure for our application for quite some time now. A software’s module structure, which has continuously grown and been improved for more than 20 years now, also needs to be revised from time to time. This allows us to remove older structures which are no longer required or to reshape them into something new.

About 2 years ago we started to draft a new structure and have been fine-tuning it continuously ever since. The main difficulty in this task are the numerous dependencies as well as a great number of adaptations of the software, documentation, licences and so on. After agreeing on a new module structure, the next big challenge was to rearrange the old modules into this new structure and to assign all functions and features correctly.

Meanwhile, our new module overview is also available in a concise diagram:

Main Module1-EN

Main Module2-EN







The largest, most important step however is still to be done: Implementing these final changes in our software solution. After having postponed this major change several times in order to  give priority to customer requests / feature requests, the big transformation is planned for the new 12.20 Version.

For all our regular customers, the old licence file will become invalid when updating to the new version and our Service Team will provide you with a new licence file upon delivery of the new version. The new licence will contain all the modules which were already licenced for the customer. After installing it in your test environment we kindly ask you to perform a quick check whether all modules are available as usual. We appreciate your understanding that such extensive changes to the system could – in special constellations – lead to problems. However, we are positive that when carrying out pre-checks in test environments, these potential errors will be immediately identified so that we can remedy them swiftly.

Thank you very much for giving us feedback – it helps us to continuously improve our product.

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