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Restaurant “Kochwerk Elbe” – a stylish oasis of well-being

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Our customer (Otto-Betriebsgastronomie) is currently undergoing a radical change. The new culinary flagship of the traditional Hamburg store is the restaurant “Kochwerk Elbe” – a stylish oasis of well-being with top culinary performance.

Facts and details about the project:

New opening – autumn 2017
Investment – 4 Mio. €, 850.000€ for kitchen technology
Area – 1.850 qm
Kitchen Manager – Florian Kerl
Opening hours – 11.30 a.m. to 2.p.m
Employees – 17 kitchens, 6 dishwashers
Seats | Food – 730 | up to 1.500
Average voucher – 4,13€
Planning – Reissner and Frank
Equipment – Ubert (Kitchen)
Inventory Software & implemented solutionDelegate Food Service

The current issue of gv praxis (July/August) reports in detail on 5 pages about the project “Kochwerk Elbe“.
The complete merchandise management system was divided into four phases and introduced in parallel with other systems during the conversion work.

Phase 1: Master Data
Phase 2: Digital onboarding of suppliers
Phase 3: Central Production
Phase 4: Digital Signage

During the implementation, high importance was attached to the labeling of vegetarian & vegan dishes. Therefore all precautions within Delegate were taken for the corresponding labeling of recipes and menu plans in order to provide the necessary information on external monitors by means of digital signage. The established database contains an incredible 4,000 recipes that are available for daily menu planning.

All further details and the complete report can be found in the current issue of gv praxis:


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