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Send Warning Message if Patient Diet changes after Ticket Print

New Warning Message

When Patients needed to be transferred to another ward/station, their assigned diet option sometimes had to be adapted as well. However, when a Meal Order had been placed and printed with POS Print Service for the transfer day, it would already be available in the Delivery Logistics Module. The Order would be delivered corresponding to the original Diet.

Due to the real-time nature of HL7 messaging and POS Print Service, it is not possible to change Room Service Orders after ticket printing. The meal is already in the delivery process to the Patient (e.g. they tray has been loaded on a cart). The employee in charge of the process must be warned in such cases. Therefore, we now introduced a Warning Message in the Delivery Logistics Module to indicate that Patient Diet has changed after
the Room Service Ticket was printed.

After reading the Warning, the employee loading or delivering the tray can decide whether the original Order can be delivered or whether it may pose a health risk for the patient. The new Warning message increases Patient safety and helps employees to handle the different diet types even better.

Warning message