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Show and allow selection of several Price Quotes

Show and allow selection of several Price Quotes for one Item in Requirements

If an Item has several Price Quotes assigned, the User is now able to select and add more than one Price Quote if there are several available. The selected Price Quotes are listed in a separate area between the Stock Items and the regular Price Quotes. This way, Waste will be reduced and Stock Management optimized.

If multiple Price Quotes are added to the Requirements, the Item are listed in a separate row with all the selected Price Quotes underneath. The displayed sort order considers the Configuration PQSELECTION and sorts the Price Quotes accordingly. However, the Quantity of the first PQ will be filled as if this was the only PQ selected, and all other related PQs are filled with 0.

As mentioned in the beginning, this behavior is intended to reduce Waste and increase the Stock Management optimization. Following behavior will become available through this changes: For example 70 Pcs “Chocolate Cookies” will be needed. Until now it has only been possible to order one Price Quote resulting in e.g. the order of 4 Units “Box 20 Pc” resulting in 10 Pc “Chocolate Cookies” surplus. With the new behavior, it is possible to split the ordered Price Quotes so that the ordered Quantity gets as close as possible to the required amount. According to the above examples the needed amount could be reached by ordering one Unit “Box 10 Pc” and three Units “Box 20 PC”.

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