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Supporting member of the Federal Association of System Catering

BdS – Bundesverband der Systemgastronomie

BdsThe BdS Presidium unanimously approved our application for membership and we are now an official sponsoring member of the Federal Association of System Catering. We are very pleased about the successful admission into the association as well as about the further constructive cooperation with an exciting industry.

The Federal Association of the System Catering (BdS) is employer and trade association located in Munich. The Federal Association has been founded in the year 1988 by McDonald´s Germany and Burger King. In the middle of 2007 a complete reorganization and restructuring of the federation took place – in regards to content and personnel. The honorary committee of the presidency and the main management were again selected and/or elected. Sandra Mühlhause, Chief Human Resources Officer at McDonald’s Deutschland LLC, has been President of the BdS since January 2018. Alexander van Bömmel, franchisee of Burger King, has been BdS Vice President since April 2014.

The BdS sees itself as a community of values. The values – in particular the mandatory tariff commitment – are anchored in the charter of system gastronomy. We see us as part of the industry and work as a long-standing partner with our customers in the team (welcome message from the Bds).

Finally, a few impressions from the BdS lunch reception on the 21st of September 2018 in Munich.


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