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Delegate participate in their first KONEPTFabrik webinar No Comments

On January 19, the first webinar of the KONZEPTFabrik took place. It launched the start of the 2021 seminar series, which normally is held as a classroom event. More than 20 participants from the areas of communal catering and social catering followed the informative presentations, on the topic of economy and ecology from various areas of the catering industry, with great interest.

As a new partner in the KONZEPTFabrik network, we attended for the first time. The audience got an overview of the complex functionality of a food management system and how it supports businesses in the catering industry to save costs as well as valuable time and to work legally compliant. Some of the participants were surprised that such a system can do much more than just merchandise management.

The direction of the future? Digitization!

From the questions of the participants, which were discussed directly in the webinar, it was clear that the future is moving further in the direction of digitization. At the top of the list is the topic of hygiene. On the one hand, the automatic recording of relevant HACCP processes such as temperature measurement data in systems and, on the other hand, the requirements for self-monitoring prescribed by the legislator. Ecolab and Rieber showed what is already possible today.

Due to the continuing shortage of both skilled and unskilled personnel, the networking of kitchen equipment is naturally in focus. Rational, Hobart and Irinox impressively showed the latest developments in the market. The trend towards organic, vegan and sustainable production in the food industry was also confirmed by Hügli and Hilcona.

Duni and Seltmann Weiden also focus on sustainability in the production of their ranges. Duni’s #goodfoodmood program helps nursing homes and homes for the elderly to create a pleasant ambience at mealtimes, thus providing an effective tool against malnutrition.

These and many more exciting information’s were offered in the webinar. The direct feedback from the participants showed that the format hit the nerve of the industry.

Do you also want to stay informed? Here you will find all upcoming dates for the events of the KONZEPTFabrik. You can also contact us directly to find out more!.

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Batch Printing for Round List, Scan Forms, Delivery Notes and Container Labels No Comments

New automated Print Jobs

How Do you handle such a lot of print jobs?

In daily operations a great number of Printouts is required (Tray Cards, Kitchen Lists, Delivery Notes, Rounds Lists, Scan Forms…).

The larger the hospital or organization is, the more printouts are needed on a daily basis and the number of job runs can be endless. It is therefore often requested that Print Jobs run automatically without user interaction in order to prevent mistakes or not to miss printouts required for a Meal Time.

Our Enhancement

Previously, it was not possible to enable Batch Printing for Patients Service daily reports of type Rounds Lists, Scan Forms, Delivery Notes or Container Labels.

The functionality has therefore been enhanced and users can now use the Batch Print option for these.

A cost center filter can be applied for the Rounds Lists so that users will only create batch prints for their required cost centers.

For Scan forms, only “Personalized-Batch” mode of Scan Form print will be available for configuration. Users can also define an offset to determine how many days in advance of the target day the Rounds List and Scan Forms will be printed.

How does it work?

For example:

The Batch Job “Scan Form” is set to run weekly on Sunday with an Offset of “1” and Duration of “7”. This results in 7 days of scan forms printed for every Patient that is in scope starting from Monday until Sunday (Mo, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fr, Sat, Sun).

The “Cross-Date Scan Form” option is activated, and the Scan Form is configured to begin with Dinner of one day and then consider breakfast and lunch of the next day.

In our example it would mean that the breakfast and lunch for the next Monday will be printed as well. This is used for those organizations that operationally need to take the Patients Meal Order today for Today’s Dinner and Tomorrow’s Breakfast and Lunch.

Automate to improve the workflow

With the new Batch Print Automation jobs you’ll be able to stay on top of all the forms, lists and labels. This allows for a higher degree of flexibility and helps to prevent mistakes or omissions.

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Meal Ordering Enhancement to Allow Text Search No Comments

Find & Order Components even more quickly

Tired of scrolling through long component?

In the daily business operation, the number of available components in Room Service Ordering and Patient Meal Ordering can become quite extensive. While Patients generally appreciate the large choice of meals and snacks, it can become time consuming for the Hospital Staff to browse through the sections and Components in order to place the meal orders. In previous versions, Users had to skim through all available component positions. Therefore, the likelihood of overlooking a component the patient actually prefers would increase with the number of choices.

Our solution

To solve this problem we implemented a much faster and more accurate way to place meal orders in Patient Meal Ordering and Room Service Ordering. Version 15.20 introduces a new functionality with ‘match-as-you-type’ component search. Users can simply start typing the name of an item and matching components will be offered for selection.

So how does it works?

Let’s take an example from the Meal Ordering Module: “Example, Patient” would really like to have some apple juice. When the hospital staff User clicks in the lower left corner of the Patient Meal Order or Room Service Order Screens and starts typing “apple…”, all Components available in the patient’s specific meal offer that contain the word ‘apple’ will be displayed:

Example from the Meal Ordering Module: “Example, Patient”

Results are now narrowed down on three choices. The search function only displays components available in the patient’s specific meal offer, Diet and Allergy compliances are taken into account. Just one click is all it takes to add the desired component to the meal order.

Example Overview

To structure the search result even better, the components displayed in the hit list are grouped by component groups to provide an optimized overview.

The following methods are available for selecting components:

  Mouse click on the component name
  Select a component with up or down arrows keys and hit “Enter” on your
✓  Or just hit “Enter” on your keyboard without selecting an item first to
     select the first component listed

This functionality allows the hospital staff to place the Patients preferred meal orders in a less time consuming and more convenient way.

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New Function “User Role” Assignment of User Rights No Comments

Rights-management now even more convenient

Please note:   The Role Management Module has been renamed to Department Management

Who can do what? And why?

User Rights are mainly assigned to Users by assigning a Department with predefined User Right settings. In addition, Users can be granted further Rights separately on an individual level.

However, some Companies, especially Companies with larger corporate units often want more extensive User Right management options – after all, the department can be too large at size to serve as a basis for User Right Assignments easily. And modifying Rights individually on User level can entail a huge amount of administrative effort when done for a large number of Users.

How can that be improved?

Therefore a new function “User Roles” has been implemented in Web Client, allowing an additional way to assign predefined User Right settings next to Department assignments. Now the assignment and management of User Rights is simplified significantly, especially for environments that use very finely graduated and individualized Rights assignments.

Overview new Function User Roles in Web Client
How does it work?

In addition to Departments the new function “User Roles” has been implemented, offering an additional way to predefine User Right settings. For example, a User can be assigned to the department “Kitchen” and also have the User Role “Purchaser” assigned.

They now have the User Rights granted both by the Department (“Kitchen”) and the User Role (“Purchaser”) assignment. A User can even have several User Roles at the same time. This simplifies the administration of Users with a wide range of tasks or cross-departmental areas of responsibility by a great deal.

User Roles Assigned
What is it good for?

With User Roles the need to manage single User Rights on User Level can be reduced significantly. By combining Department and User Role assignments suitable User Right ensembles for almost all use cases can be defined without having to manually assign single User Rights for a myriad of Users. This not only saves administrative effort, but can also help to improve the Overview over the set User Rights granted to the individual Users.


Key facts at a glance:

Greater flexibility in general User Rights assignment
More than one User Role per User possible
Rights management for Users with cross-departmental areas of responsibility simplified by a great deal

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Email Reminder for Messages of Type “Task” No Comments

It is important to keep an overview


Reminders are helpful…

Some Users use the Delegate Web Client on a daily base, others just from time to time, because individual Users and their areas of responsibility are as diverse as the application is versatile. And while daily Users can be reminded of open tasks constantly by the Notification function, those who only use the Web Client occasionally and for limited tasks are at greater risk of ignoring them for a longer period of time.

…especially when they are on time!

In order to enable all Users to receive timely reminders the User can now be informed per Email about existing notifications of the type “Task”. This means that Users who don’t use the Delegate Web Client on a daily base can also be reached timely.

So how does it work?

You already use Notification Messages? Then all it takes is a few clicks to set up the Email  reminder.  Just  tick  the  checkbox  for  the  desired  tasks,  start  the  according Automation Scheduler Job, …


Overview Type and Checkbox "Send Email Reminder"

…and from that moment on all eligible Users will also be informed about open tasks without any further need for intervention. It couldn’t be easier, right?

Keep an eye on deadlines

The new Email reminder helps you save money by keeping an eye on time sensitive tasks and deadlines – like Cash Discount Periods.

In addition, the Email template for the task “Cash Discount Reminder” can be freely adjusted to match the requirements of your company.

Table Overview invoices in status "Suspended"
Key facts at a glance!

Automatic Email Notification to eligible Users
Easy to set up
Adaptable HTML template for task „Cash Discount Reminder“


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Notify Users about Invoices with Cash Discounts No Comments

This feature helps saving money!

Never miss out on a discount again!

Our customers often have Cash Discount agreements with their Vendors. However, it occasionally happens that the incoming invoices aren’t approved on time. Consequently, the discount period has expired and the full amount has to be paid.

Our solution

In order to reduce the risk of missing discount periods, we have implemented an enhancement. Users can now be notified about suspended invoices from Vendors with cash discounts. These “Cash Discount Reminders” are displayed in the Notification panel and can also be sent as e-mail.

How it works

In previous versions, Payment Terms could only be created and edited in Thick Client. Now, the according Master Data Module “Payment Terms” has been created for the Web Client where the critical payment information can be specified and managed. It is possible to select standardized Payment Terms or to set up Special Payment Terms for the individual Vendor. When the Vendor sends an invoice and specific conditions apply for the invoice, it will be listed in “Cash Discount Reminder” Messages.

Overview Notification about Invoices with Cash Discounts

To give you the best overview, an information icon was added in the Invoice Module to see the Payment Conditions in Detail.

Why not let the Delegate application help you save money.

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Menu Plan Print Enhancement No Comments

Print several weeks with page break per week

Are you spending a lot of time printing Menu Plans?

Businesses usually create their Menu Plans for a specific period – often a business quarter – well in advance. This means for example that for one quarter the Menu Plan Cycle contains 12-14 weeks. Previously, one individual printout had to be created for each Menu Plan week. Meaning up to 14 weeks had to be printed and the pages had to be merged to cover the whole quarter. This process look considerable time and could lead to mistakes or confusion.

How will the Menu Plan Print improvement affect your work?

It is now possible to define a Menu Plan Printout for a specific timeframe with page breaks on a weekly cycle basis which reflects the configured working week. This option facilitates the definition of settings for Menu Plan Print and greatly reduces time expenditure for printing

This feature pays off! Delegate the Menu Plan Print to the application and save valuable time for more important tasks.

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Improved Layout Options for Item and Unit Overview No Comments

Flexible column width for a perfect overview

How you can make the most of our result grids?

The answer is easy: Optimum legibility with customizable layout. In previous versions Item and Unit names were only displayed in part because of static column widths in the result grids. Users had to hover the mouse pointer directly over the item or unit in order to be able to read the full text. This was inconvenient in particular when long specifications were contained in these columns.

We now enhanced the layout and the complete texts will be visible at a glance. Column widths can now accommodate the full Item and Unit names in:

Assortment Management
Item Catalogs (Price Quotes)
B2B Solution –> Selection of Base Items to be linked

These settings are configurable per user. Users with the required permissions can manually adjust the column widths to their needs.

How does it work?

These settings are configurable on User level. When a User clicks on the icon , the column width is adapted to the size required to display the complete text it contains.

These settings will be stored so that when the user navigates to some other place in the application and later returns the module page the layout will still be displayed as before.

The enhancement also affects dropdown Lists. Their size will now adapt dynamically when lines with longer texts are displayed. Both Column and Dropdown Size adaptions also take into account Master Translation.

Customized optimum layout for every user

Different Users fulfill a wide range of tasks and have specific needs when working with our Application. Selecting the correct items for an order will likely involve legibility of complete Item and Unit text whereas the full text display won’t be needed to quickly check incoming deliveries. With the customizable grid and window layouts we therefore provide maximum user-friendliness. Our new feature gives you all the options.

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Delegate is a KONZEPTfabrik parnter! No Comments

Who is KONZEPTfabrik?

KONZEPTfabrik brings together leading companies that not only combine their individual offers into a common context, but also create a holistic solution for community catering at the same time. Thus, the seminars, in which the various partners are given a specific time slot to contribute their expert knowledge, offer valuable information and concrete solutions.

KONZEPTfabrik describes itself as:

“Security for today and solutions for tomorrow. From the cost of goods to the digitalization of the kitchen to the guest’s table culture.

Comprehensive – Practical – Innovative.

The aim is to open up individual and economical solutions for you, taking into account economy, quality expansion and ecology. “

Further details can be found on KONZEPTfabrik’s website: (

Catering for senior citizens
In particular concerning the area of conflict between quality, ecology and economy

The possibility of exchanging ideas with experts from similar sectors also offers Delegate a great opportunity for further training. The knowledge gained can be incorporated into Delegate software solutions in the future. As a result, the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers will increase.

We are already involved in the first online webinar in January 2021. The topic will be catering for senior citizens alongside focal points such as;

– Staffing,
– Profitability
– Cost reduction

and expert knowledge on the topic of hygiene safety as well as the legal framework conditions in the KONZEPTfabrik program.

This event was initially planned to be held in Kiel. In order to be able to hold the seminar independently of the COVID-19 measures, it has been moved online and thus transformed into a webinar. Our specialists Björn Neumann (Senior Sales Consultant) and Christian Schmidt (Director Solutions & Consulting) will represent Delegate at the event.

Those interested in participating can register online here.

We are really looking forward to the joint webinar in January 2021 and will report in detail on the impressions gained by our experts Björn and Christian on our website afterwards.

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A New Food Management System for Österreichische Mensen Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H No Comments

Our Client “Österreichische Mensen”

Organic, locally sourced produce and sustainability are part of the mission statement of Österreichische Mensen. Their daily business is to provide meals for about 20,000 guests at 60 locations. Students in 8 Austrian states are offered high quality meals at very reasonable prices.

Österreichische Mensen Betriebsgesellschaft mbH was awarded the Austrian Ecolabel, and the Austrian Organic Produce Certificate as well as MSC and ASC certifications for sustainable fishing practices. It is the only company where all locations were awarded for their joint sustainability concept.

The Challenge

The team of 460 employees set themselves the highest standards for their  everyday work. Straightforward, transparent processes from purchasing and menu planning to production are important for achieving this goal. This requires adequate software, and soon, a material management system was introduced to support them to ensure their goal is achieved. However, after a few years of business operation it became obvious that the system lacked features for working in greater detail. Therefore, Österreichische Mensen started looking for a new Food Management System which would fulfill their specific needs.

The solution

One of the key criteria was that recipe management and menu planning can be controlled centrally while each of the 60 locations can still use regional vendors as well as independent pricing and calculate their Cost of Sales individually. Our customer also wished for menu plans and recipes to still be adaptable for each location in order to acknowledge regional specifics. Another focus was put on Cost of Sales calculations per site, which their previous system did not support. Our product suite fulfils all these requirements effortlessy. The adoption of an already existing vendor interface proved to be very helpful to set up automated exchange of item information including food label data, orders and delivery notes (EDI) with our Partner EDITEL. Transfer of data had already been taken over during an earlier phase of the project.

The full scope of our Delegate Food Service Solution went live at the end of 2019. Our client’s future plan is to use the Delegate suite for their private and company catering division as well, and thus record all goods movements values in the system.

Quote of DDr. Franz Haslauer –
CEO Österreichische Mensen Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H


Key Benefits

– Electronic exchange of item data, orders and delivery notes
– Automatic transfer of Food Labeling Data
– Centralized purchasing with a focus on regional suppliers
– Standardized Menu Plans which can be adapted for individual locations
– Automatic Distribution of Menu Plans
– Precise Cost of Sales calculations for each location
– Centralized production combined with delivery logistics at selected
– Seamless integration of ventopay POS system, our business partners
– Easy integration of EDI interfaces owing to our close cooperation with




EDITEL Austria is a leading provider of EDI solutions (Electronic Data Interchange), and specializes in optimization of goods purchasing processes from ordering to invoice processing (exchange of electronic orders, delivery notes, invoices etc.).

With its EDI-Service eXite®, EDITEL offers all-round solutions for the hotel and catering sector, ranging from a cost-efficient and simple to use webbased EDI Portal to fully integrated solutions for larger companies.

ventopay gmbh is the technology and innovation leader for cashless POS and payment systems in large-scale catering. Their mocca® system warrants quick and easy payment options, simplified billing and high customer retention. It can be used for canteens and company caterers, universities and schools, stadiums and arenas as well as hospitals and care facilities and also vending machines. Renowned customers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria are successfully operating our mocca® system.

Download PDF document via LinkedIn (in German!)