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Central Production Units

Various production processes

Cook Fresh, Cook & Serve, Cook & Chill, Cook & Freeze

Everything in one system, even combined

Does your central kitchen produce a few thousand or many tens of thousands of meals per day? We cover the entire range of production processes and provide you with optimum support in planning your production precisely and efficiently. Even if you combine different production processes for different products. Even later freezing to extend shelf life is no stranger to us.

In planning, you can see at a glance all quantities from existing orders or internal requirements, the stock quantities still available and the resulting expected future stock quantities, taking shelf life into account, and plan your daily production quantities efficiently on this basis.

Verschiedene Produktionsprozesse

Integration with menu ordering systems and pre-order systems
Who needs how much

of what, when?

A central kitchen usually has different sources that determine its requirements. Requests from satellite kitchens are fully integrated if the satellite kitchen also uses our solution. The same applies to menu orders in hospitals or retirement homes. Regardless of whether they are ordered on a patient-specific or ward-specific basis.

Of course, we also have standard interfaces to integrate external pre-ordering systems and make these order quantities available for production planning and logistics.

This allows you to plan your production efficiently, reduce food waste and thus help both the environment and your profits. Our intelligent forecasting of expected production quantities also helps you with daily fixed offers and cyclical meal plans.

Menübestellungen und Vorbestellsysteme

Multiple production runs

Multiple production layers and complex logic between production and consumption

Do you produce so many meals that you can no longer manage with one production shift per day? In addition, do you have a sophisticated logic as to when which meals need to be produced in order to utilize your equipment and staff as evenly as possible? Does this mean that for some customers you produce lunch today, dinner for tomorrow and breakfast for the day after tomorrow in the first shift? For others, breakfast, lunch and dinner for the day after tomorrow? But on Thursday you also produce for Saturday and then on Friday for Sunday?

Even this complex production planning is no stranger to our software and can be stored so that the correct order quantities are automatically assigned to the respective production days and runs.

Multiple production runs

Complete delivery logistics

The right food for the right customer

A great deal has already been achieved with efficient production planning, but once it has been produced, the right food must also find its way to the right customer. To do this, they have a wide range of options for printing container labels. To create delivery bills or to carry out route planning. Of course, also considering small but useful issues such as labels for retained samples.

If you produce for hospitals and they also use our menu ordering system, you can of course also create tray cards and deliver the food in trays. The possibilities of our food service software are as diverse as the use cases of our global customers.


Batch Tracking

Which ingredients and equipment were used for which production batch?

Do you also produce for food retailers or do you want to plan your production batch by batch for other reasons and track exactly which ingredients were cooked in which batch and which appliances were used?

We also have a digital solution for this, with which you can precisely log your goods receipts and then scan the relevant ingredients and appliances when removing them for production and assign them to the respective production batch.

The digital proof of production goes one step further and the entire production process is digitally tracked.

person scanning a box with food to automate processes

Enterprise resource planning

Procurement, warehouse, invoices

The basis for everything else

Of course, you also need to purchase your ingredients, manage your warehouse and pay your suppliers. It goes without saying that we cover all these processes of classic merchandise management in detail and with all the special features and complexities that the food industry entails. We have more than 30 years of experience in this field!

From the electronic supplier catalog, the management of nutritional values, allergens and additives to health indicators and CO2 footprint, electronic orders, delivery bills and invoices, digital inventories, goods receipts or transfers with handhelds: you will find everything fully integrated in our food service software. No interfaces to third-party systems required. Of course, our Foodservice software enables the integration of all relevant systems such as cash register and POS systems, financial accounting and much more.


Reporting and Controlling

The important necessary evil

What would a Foodservice software be that covers your entire process from the supplier to the customer, guest or patient without being able to map your necessary reporting and controlling? That's why our extensive range of reports is also available for your central kitchen, not only to help you negotiate better in your supplier meetings, but also to cover all internal reporting requirements.

This is supplemented by reports that you can use to create evaluations with regard to the sustainability of your central production.

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