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Job.verliebt – Dream jobs in the catering sector

Job.verliebt (*job.love) – an initiative for promoting the sector’s public image and the fostering of young talents

The Institute of Culinary Art (ICA) started the national campaign “Job.verliebt” and with this initiative draws public attention to the professions in our business. Such an image and recruitment campaign is unprecedented in the catering sector. It is sponsored by the leading companies of the sector and will be free of charge for the affected businesses and the applicant and without monetary interest.

The initiator of the campaign is the Institute of Culinary Art (ICA); a network of more than 350 of the leading companies in the German catering sector, who will contribute significantly to the development and promotion of “Job.verliebt”. Delegate as materials management service provider and member of this network supports this great campaign.

Dream jobs in the catering sector do exist – be it in the kitchen or in service, be it as aide or as manager, be it in a large hotel or in catering. In the overview below you will find all job offers that were posted with Job.verliebt. On the right side, the user can fine-tune the individual searching preferences for the desired dream job.  

Job.verliebt is the new way of offering and finding jobs in the catering sector. Here is how it works: Companies  introduce themselves to potential employees via a detailed profile. If the Candidates are interested in a job then they can put their CV and qualifications online in order to get in touch with the potential employers. This service is free of charge for the hiring business and the job applicant.

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